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Priority: Health

Strategic Direction: A Leading Health System with
International Standards

A comprehensive and fair healthcare system should cover all regions of the Sultanate, with the participation of government, the private sector, and civil society. This coverage should include more medical specialities, specialised health institutes, and developed human cadres who work in the fields of medicine and healthcare. The desired healthcare system should follow international best practices to boost reliability whether in medical services, health centres, medical laboratories or with the human resources. A new culture will emerge, which is necessary, to shape the relationship between citizens and healthcare institutions. Community awareness will increase regarding the concept of health being the responsibility of all, and technology will play a key role in communication and dissemination of awareness, knowledge and health education. Technology will also help to overcome geographical and distance barriers to ultimately deliver world-class health services for all citizens and residents of the Sultanate.


Mapping of Strategic Directions to SDGs






Source: Oman Vision 2040 - Preliminary Vision Document