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Priority: Education, Learning, Scientific Research and National Capabilities

Strategic Direction: Inclusive Education, Lifelong
Learning, and Scientific Research
that Lead to a Knowledge Society and
Competitive National Talents


The development of the educational system at all levels and the improvement of its outputs have become necessary for building the Omani citizen, confident of his identity and committed to his social values. This is attainable through increasing the quality of basic and higher education, and through developing scientific and educational curricula. Graduates of such an educational system are well poised for local and global labour markets through competitive capabilities and skills, and they will have the required productivity and competitiveness for a knowledge-based economy. This will, in turn, enhance job security in the private sector, strengthening its participatory relation with the public sector. Developing the educational system also entails the development of institutions and cadres to ensure they comply with international standards for accreditation, use modern teaching and learning techniques, and disseminate this as a national culture. A leap must be made in the quality of scientific research and development. This can be attained by provisioning diverse and sustainable sources of funding that support the applied scientific research, which in turn promotes innovation in various fields. This also builds toward a real partnership between the academic and research institutions and the private sector. Efforts have to be made to promote the role of citizens and society in advancing economic development. This necessitates the establishment of a stimulating educational system and vocational training to provide individuals with the high skills required to enter the labour market, raise their productivity, and improve the efficiency of the whole economy. Values of competition and efficiency should prevail to obtain jobs of the highest rank, and the distribution of roles should become merit-based. This implies adherence to institutional values based on efficiency and qualifying the cadre for better productivity. These efforts would indeed call for the creation of a national scheme to cater for innovators and entrepreneurs, and the proper employment of national talents.


Mapping of Strategic Directions to SDGs





Source: Oman Vision 2040 - Preliminary Vision Document