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Inclusive Education, Lifelong
Learning, and Scientific Research
that Lead to a Knowledge Society and
Competitive National Talents.


A Leading Health System with
International Standards.


A Society that is Proud of its Identity and
Culture, and Committed to its Citizenship.


A Decent and Sustainable Life for All.


A Dynamic Economic Leadership
with Renewable Competencies and
Operating within an Integrated
Institutional Framework.


A Diversified and Sustainable Economy that
embraces Knowledge and Innovation, Operates
within Integrated Frameworks, Attains an
Accomplished Competitiveness, Keeps Abreast of
the Industrial Revolutions, and is Fiscally Sustainable.


A Dynamic Labour Market that
Attracts Talent and is Responsive to
Demographic, Economic, Knowledge
and Technological Change.


An Empowered Private Sector that
Drives a Competitive and Globally
Integrated Economy. 


Comprehensive Geographical Development,
Following a Decentralised Approach, that
Develops a Few Urban Centres and Utilises
Land in an Ideal and Sustainable Way. 


Ecological Systems that are Effective,
Balanced and Flexible to Protect the
Environment and Sustain its Natural
Resources in Support of the National


A Participatory Legislative System; a
Judicial System that is Independent,
Specialised and Swift; and an Oversight
System that is Effective and Transparent.


A Balanced Partnership and an
Effective Regulatory Role of


Flexible, Innovative and Future-
Shaping Administrative Apparatus
that Embraces Good Governance.


Source: Oman Vision 2040 - Preliminary Vision Document