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Monitoring Sustainable Development Indicators

The agenda of sustainable development goals is one of the most important issues on the international scene. The international statistical agencies are currently collecting, compiling and calculating their indicators to measure the achievement of the expected goals by 2030. In this context, the National Statistics and Information Center has established a database of sustainable development goals and indicators, in order to measure the available data and indicators to the Sultanate and to ensure that it is provided on an ordinary and regular basis.

The National Center for Statistics and Information has become a member in the team of sustainable development goals chaired by the Ministry of Economy. It also participated in the preliminary preparations for the formulation of indicators with international organizations and review of documents and updates of various sessions of the Statistical Committee of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Further, it took part in the seventh and eighth meetings Of the Inter-Agency Committee and Experts on Sustainable Development goals. The Center is also a member of the Development, Progress and Sustainability Indicators Committee of the GCC countries statistical center and member of the National Education Team 2030 with the Ministry of Education.

An analytical report was prepared to shed light on the data gap on the indicators of sustainable development in the Sultanate. Based on the analysis of these gaps, an action plan was developed to update data on the Sultanate's indicators for each target and sector. The report gives a detailed presentation of the goals and indicators of each target and the international organization responsible for each indicator and the details required of each goal according to the description of each indicator. Further, an internal database of indicators of sustainable development was established in both Arabic and English.

A joint team work for sustainable development indicators has been formed, consisting of members from the concerned departments in the center. The team communicates with the relevant ministries and agencies and provides the required data according to the definitions adopted by the United Nations, through workshops, to explain the concepts of the indicators and the methodology for calculating them. The teams were divided into sectors: the Education Indicators Group, the Health Indicators Group, the Poverty, Justice and Work Indicators Group, the Environment, Energy, Agriculture, Water and Sanitation Indicators Group, the Trade, Industry and Transport Indicators Group and the Telecommunication, Scientific Research and Culture Indicators Group.

The Center continuously monitors sustainable development indicators with international organizations and reviews the Sultanate's data on the UN website to verify data accuracy and respond to organizations to modify and provide national data on sustainable development indicators 2030. Given the Center’s engagement to fulfill the Sultanate's commitment to the international community by providing data and indicators For Sustainable Development 2030, the portal for Oman's indicators of sustainable development 2030 has been established to serve as a platform for communication with stakeholders both at the national and international level.