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Brief introduction on the management of sustainable development goals in the Sultanate

A national work team was formed in 2014 including 24 governmental entities notably the Ministry of Economy (General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning previously), government ministries, national committees, public bodies, the Shura Council, the Royal Oman Police and Sultan Qaboos University. The team will discuss the goals that Oman can adopt .It will also discuss the goals presented by the United Nations and give their views thereof. The Ministry of Economy asked for relying on these goals in developing development plans for institutions.

Some ministries have held seminars and workshops on the sustainable development goals 2030 in addition to integrating these goals into their implementation plans. In the framework of joint and integrated work between the National Center for Statistics and Information and the Ministry of Economy concerning the goals of sustainable development, each according to his role, the National Center for Statistics and Information has gone a long way in providing data and calculating the indicators related to the follow-up of achievement of these goals.